Get To Know Us

Frank and Judy Satterlee have been building a full-service, family-owned painting and staining company since 1983.

Our business has evolved into our current niche of staining and finishing wood, especially replacement windows, doors and trim.

We run a streamlined, well organized operation with a focus on human interactions, quality workmanship, and accountability.

We get a lot of good feedback from the work we do.
And we have a lot of repeat work that we do for people we’ve painted for in the past.

We deal with people on a human basis

One of the things that differentiates our business from other painting contractors in our area is that we have employed solid trade and business practices from the very beginning.

We strive to provide quality work and, on the rare occasions where problems arise, we make sure we have a person on hand that can work with our customers to get them resolved.

We take care of our employees,
because they take care of us.

We have built a very tight group that works with us. Our foreman has been with us for over 15 years and our number 2 guy for over 12.

Our staff have staining and painting experience with all major brands of windows and doors and have worked for almost all of the window companies located up and down the Front Range of Colorado since 2002.

Our team sets and maintains a very high standard of customer service and quality workmanship and we are proud to have them represent us.

Wood is our passion

Painting is an essential part of what we do, but our true passion is woodwork staining and finishing. We use Wood Iron Wood Finishes’s water-based, low odor, stains and finishes to enhance woodwork and give it a beautiful, durable, UV-protected finish.

We also offer on-site stain matching which allows us to match any wood in your home. Using this system we can create durable, long lasting beauty with custom stains that even the most critical eye will accept.

Painting, for me, is a rejuvenating, renewing process.

– Frank Satterlee